History of spring systems by Spühl Switserland

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Spühl Spring Systems

In 1877 the Swiss inventor Heinrich Spühl sets up his first mechanical shop. Six years later, in 1883 he patented his first machine for making furniture springs. The development of his springs continued and in 1920 his sons Julius and Emil Spühl took charge of their father’s company, successfully evolving the business from an inventor’s shop to a production facility.

Spühl Offset Spring
indestructible spring system by Spühl

After tough years during World War II, in 1943 the family-owned business is transformed into a joint-stock company.
In 1962, Walter Spühl, son of Julius Spühl, and the third generation of Spuhl, took charge of the company. He introduced the first fully automatic transfer machine for making complete inner springs. It became a world-wide succes. As a result, the company developed rapidly, requiring more space. A new factory with assembly hall and warehouse was built in Wittenbach, Switzerland.

DreamMaster® frequently uses Spühl springs. Double treated 2.3 mm thick carbon steel, fitted with a decent steel strap and edge support.  Because of these extra’s heavy weight guests can also sleep comfortably!